Our Comfortable Single Seating.

Our B1900 Beechcraft has 18 single seats with adequate distance between our seats. And cooled!

After every flight, the full interior will be disinfected

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Important notice

Travel tips

Travel & entry requirements

Due to COVID-19 implementation of safety rules at all airports, all check-in procedures are due to change and/or can be adjusted at all times.

All airports will have their own procedures in place. Please do inform yourself as wearing a face mask can be a requirement.

Important forms

Go here for forms to fill our prior to your departure

We want you to have a safe, pleasant and hassle-free journey. Before booking your flight with EZ Air, we recommend that you check the latest information on country/region travel restrictions as well as visa and passport requirements.

Please note that entry restrictions and visa requirements can change with little or no notice. Make sure you have the correct visa and that you meet the local medical requirements. EZ Air cannot be held liable for any disruption to your travel plans resulting from incorrect travel documentation.

For us at EZ Air, we need to make sure that you, our passenger, feel comfortable and safe before, during, and after your flight. EZ Air Team has a strict procedure in place to comply with all the stipulated regulations in regards to COVID-19 so you can travel easily.

Before travelling check out the websites of the local Airport or any travel platform to inform yourself of the rules engaged at your destination in regards to COVID-19. Please check out airport websites for departure and arrival adaptations.


 For Curaçao.     : www.curacao-airport.com

For Aruba.      : www.airportaruba .com

For Bonaire.   : www.bonaireinternationalairport.com


Please do inform yourself at all times for a comfortable travel experience.

EZ Air Team

EZ Air Team has been well trained and informed for your safety but also for their own safety. Please do act if any instruction is given to you by EZ Air Team. This for the safety of all of us. 

Feeling comfortable is of the utmost importance to us. Questions? Here.

Online payment method

Credit Cards accepted for online payment are Master and Visa Card.

All of our fares include checked and carry-on baggage. Max weight for checked baggage is 23kg.  Carry-On max 8kg. For more info on baggage policy please contact us by mail or message.  Please read our General Conditions. 


These forms are obligated to

fill out before departure

The Easiest Way to Fly

Flamingo International Airport, Bonaire

(5997) 717 1900.

Rooseveltweg 505-D, Willemstad, Curaçao

(5999) 868 1900 - (5999) 560 1900

Curaçao international Airport

(5999) 839 1234

Open Monday - Friday 08.am till 17.00pm


For info in Barranquilla, Colombia, Call +57 5 693 3264 in Barranquilla. 

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